CLIMASHIELD APEX is a type of synthetic insulation material used in outdoor and sports gear, such as sleeping bags, jackets, and gloves. It is designed to provide warmth in cold and wet environments by trapping air and creating a barrier against the elements.

CLIMASHIELD APEX is made from a continuous filament synthetic material that is arranged in a spiral pattern to create a continuous sheet. This sheet is then compressed and layered to create insulation with varying thicknesses and densities. The result is an insulation material that is lightweight, compressible, and highly efficient at trapping warm air.

One of the advantages of CLIMASHIELD APEX is that it maintains its insulating properties even when wet. This is because the synthetic fibers do not absorb water like down feathers, which can lose their insulating properties when wet.

CLIMASHIELD APEX is a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and backpackers who need lightweight and compressible gear that provides reliable warmth in a range of conditions. It is also a sustainable alternative to down feathers, which can come from animals raised in inhumane conditions.


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