PAKKID - New DCF accessories

Another addition to the HYBERG DCF accessories family. A handy, practical organizer for backpacks and not only - a HYBERG Pakkid. Presented in two sizes, so will fit...

Jul 10 2023
Post by Dmytro Koval

HYBERG Loner Apex Synthetic Quilt

Are you ready for the new stuff? Then we have good news, especially for those who for some reason do not use down-filled equipment. Meet the...

Mar 05 2023
Post by Dmytro Koval


Hyberg Tarp is an ultra-lightweight classic two presons tarp.  Ideal size-to-weight ratio, as well as small size, the Hyberg Tharp is a practical and reliable ultralight...

Feb 25 2023
Post by Dmytro Koval

NEW Aguila RS

We are of the opinion that it is necessary to give customers the opportunity to choose. That is why we offer each model of our ultralight...

Dec 13 2022
Post by Dmytro Koval

Update ATTILA 2023

Hallo an alle Ultralight-Fans und diejenigen, die sich für die Marke interessieren oder bereits Erfahrung beim Wandern mit Hyberg-Rucksäcken haben. Wie Sie wahrscheinlich bereits wissen, haben...

Nov 14 2022
Post by Alex Pefilov


If you're looking for an ultralight backpack for everyday or weekend hiking , take a look at out new HYBERG EVENT.  Made from modern highly eco-friendly...

Nov 04 2022
Post by Dmytro Koval